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Xcedea Universal Lending System


Xedea Universal Lending System is a comprehensive solution for banks and financial institutions that provides an environment whereby a Bank or a Financial Institution can, through a centralized database and a fully browser based application software, integrate the different touch-points in the supply chain for loan processing. It is targeted at significantly improving the process efficiencies of banks and finance companies that are engaged in Retail, SME & Corporate Financing.

Xcedea is used by several banks finance organizations across the world from Asia Pacific to Africa with a leadership position in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and significant presence in Africa.

Xcedea Universal Lending System is a leading, integrated treasury management solution used by financial institutions worldwide to meet their business objectives like speed to market, efficiency and ability to push through complex transactions.

It comes with world class processes providing exemplary service to the bank’s customers, results to shareholders, attractive returns on investment to the Senior Management and regulatory compliance.

  • Provides organizations with a sophisticated, multi-entity, multi-portfolio, multi-dealing room environment supported by robust risk management, back-office management, and MIS
  • Presents a holistic picture of an organization’s financial health
  • Covers several key markets such as foreign exchange, money, equity, and their related derivative instruments
  • Identifies open positions, measures risks in real time, assists in generating P&L statements, and facilitates settlements

Xcedea Treasury


Xcedea Treasury is a deal recording system that ensures complete flow of information from Front to Middle to Back Office across various markets.

Xcedea Treasury supports the structured portfolio approach and allows simulations, wherein a simulated trade can be captured, its impact on the portfolio is studied and if found financially viable, the simulated trade can be converted into a live transaction.

Xcedea Treasury is highly parameterized, and therefore meeting many requirements is a matter of just changing settings. Openness for communicating with external systems makes it suitable for achieving Straight Through Processing.

Xcedea Risk Management


Financial Intermediaries continue to seek avenues to deploy funds in maturing markets, whereby they are exposed to various risks in the marketplace. Xcedea Risk Management is an effective web-based market risk management solution that enables implementation of Risk Control and Mitigation initiatives. It provides:

  • An understanding of Risks taken by an institution
  • Measure Risk exposure of the organization at various levels
  • Control Risk by implementing suitable strategies

With the objective of incorporating the latest of developments in the area of market risk and banking regulations, Xcedea Risk Management t, is a very comprehensive package which offers a plethora of tools at the disposal of the Risk Manager. The ability to arrive at well-informed and well-guided decisions is made much simpler by the analysis done using Xcedea Risk Management.

Xcedea Remittances


Xcedea Remittances provides a complete web-based, end-to-end, multi-currency, multilingual and multi-region instant money transfer software systems for banks and financial institutions. Our application entrust your customers to effortlessly and safely send their money via Agents. A web solution offering with minimum investment in IT infrastructure with simple easy to use user interface with minimum learning curve. All data can be stored on a single server database; hence there is no need of additional server on client side.

A comprehensive solution offering complete outsourcing of transaction processing with inbuilt treasury, settlements, compliance, risk management & KYC provision. Shared platform where in agent system can integrate their remittance services using web services or API Integration. System supports an ex-hostive and comprehensive inbuilt compliance and risk management also optimal utilization of agent branch network. Using State of the art technology with transparency, system design and developed by domain experts with rich experience in banking and financial institutions. Major features of SmartRemit are:

  • Inbuilt treasury, settlements, compliance, risk management & KYC provision
  • Role based user permissions, Username/password access, Encrypted user passwords
  • Customer loyalty management
  • Send Cash/Remit transactions
  • Receive cash/remit transactionv
  • Real-time Tracking of the Cash/Remit transactions
  • Account balance checking
  • Locate the cash disbursement centres and bank branches
  • Currency precision setup in local currency
  • Customer Card & Membership Management
  • System Security & Administration
  • Full logging of user access with IP address, date and time viewable by Administrators
  • Only limited editing of transaction details to prevent 'fiddling' of transactions
  • Audit trail of changes made to transactions
  • SSL encryption between Browser and Server, and between Server and Database
  • Encrypted File System protecting all data (including Database)
  • Private IP only access to Database Server
  • IP based access restrictions